We’ve been on holiday! It was a much needed and anticipated rest and the first real holiday we’ve had this year – bliss!! 😀

I can’t upload many photos (I’ll explain in a bit), but here’s a little taste of  our week of relaxing, resting, visiting Grandparents, sleeping, walking, eating our now-traditional holiday foods and above all – doing nothing but reading!!

L took some of these photos, as he has discovered a love of photography that was lying dormant – now I’m not the only one stopping every other minute to get another shot!! 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m actually surprised I was able to upload that many photos! As you will know if you have visited my blog before, I love taking photos and I include a lot of photos in just about all my posts … so I’ve just about reached my photo storage limit for this blog … yeah … eeek, so I really do take loads of photos … !!! ;P

I can’t buy more storage space right now, so I’m going to have to create a new blog!!!

This WILL be very exciting!! 🙂

I will of course keep this blog here and link it my new one. I hope that you will follow me over to my new internet home once I have it up and running – I would to keep all you lovely blogging friends! 🙂

Following me over to my new blog is one way you can help me … the other way is … a new blog name!!

I’m having trouble coming up with a name that feels just right and would love, love, love to have all of your suggestions … please?!? I seriously would love it if you could join in! 😀

I will be updating you as things progress. Until then, I hope you have a brilliant week and I will go and enjoy my birthday tomorrow – yaaaayyyy!! 😉


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