Today, I had some fun!

This morning when I left home for an appointment, it was pouring with rain … within seconds my waterproof coat was dripping through the inner sleeve onto my sweater – so much for being waterproof.

It stopped raining as I neared the last 10 minutes of my walk but then, while crossing a busy road, I noticed that an obliging seagull had pooped liberally on my jeans and shoe. Fantastic.

Two hand washing sessions, antibacterial handwash applications and an hour later, things began to look up.

My best buddy R and I went to the beach, where the sky was blue and the sun was shinning!

Despite the lack of rain and the warmth of the sun, it was still very windy on the seafront, so both of us look very windswept … hmm, I also look a little crazy …

I love the sea!

I love pebbles, sunlight and shadows!

More than that, I love fun adventures with R! 😀


3 thoughts on “Today, I had some fun!

  1. This is what I just love about your blog- how often it makes me smile! Thanks for sharing 🙂 p.s you don’t look crazy in that photo, you look happy! I also love the sea

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