All Things Swede

Yeah, sorry, I spelled it wrong! 😦

This is a swede.

In answer to inquires … and just a little bit of my own confusion, but you can skip that part … I will explain about the Mystery Vegetable traditionally served with Haggis!

It is commonly confused with its smaller cousin …

… the turnip.

This is what Americans call a rutabaga – exactly like a swede!

Apparently the key differences between a swede and a turnip (and we’re not talking about the residents of Sweeden guys!) are that a turnip is smaller, with whiter skin and white flesh and sometimes purple marking, where as a swede is about twice the size and  has brown to purple skin and a yellow flesh.

Mashed swede and carrot is served as a side dish to roasts and such. My Grandma serves it regularly.

During my year and a half of voluntary training with my church, every week I helped out at the group for elderly people,which included lunch. Ever week, one of the two main vegetables served with the meal was cubed, boiled swede.

Day For The Retired was one of my favourite groups in the week, but my goodness, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to face another helping of boiled swede … 😉


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