There’s something fishy about fish …

I just commented on a cooking post on Happiness Stan Lives Here and this has made me look at a certain cooking issue I have …

You might not believe it from my posts and anyone watching the food consumed in my house would definitely not believe it, but I speak the truth when I say I used to be a vegetarian! That’s right! In fact, I was the closest that a confirmed, dyed-in-the-wool, addicted cheese-lover can come to being a vegan! 😉

I mean, can you imagine living without ever having a gooey slice of Camembert or a tangy chunk of cheddar again?!? Ok, so I do have a bit of an idea, as my Mum and two of sister can’t eat dairy products and for a couple of months none of us did … um … enough said on that bleak period! 😉

I’m pretty confident in saying that this time  four years ago I was still a vegetarian … with shaky foundations, but still living by the principles … then at a summer youth festival where I was a group leader I had a bite of a bacon sandwich … Oh. My. Flipping. Goodness.

I moved into a shared young-professional-workers house in my city that September and although I didn’t buy any meat of my own, I started to eat meat and fish when I was eating with friends or eating out.

In December I started lodging with two different families from my church, which I did for a year, so that was when I started to get used to meat being around in the house and – I have to take my hat of the the lovely ladies who let me take my first faltering steps in cooking meat in their kitchen, to feed to their family no less!  – to get used to making it a part of a meal …

For this, the meat my Mum cooked when I was little and my Grandma’s dedication to cooking outstanding traditional English meat dishes, my hubby has much to be grateful for, as he is a big meat man! I very soon learned that no matter the amount of tact he endeavoured to employ, the look of disappointment on his face when lunch or dinner didn’t contain meat was unmistakable! With the exception of cheese toasties or fish finger sandwiches for lunch, two servings of meat a day are a given in this household! 🙂

There are times when I still crave a soya-sauce-soaked bite of tofu and numerous times where I consume a dish which just so happens to have no meat in it, or prepare an almost-entirely vegetable (and cheese!) salad just for me, but I have to give it to L – he eats a lot of vegetables, beans and pulses to accompany his meat.

Looming over the progress which I’ve made to being a fully fledged carnivorous home-chef is this One Big Issue … I’ve cooked roast beef, stake and chips and full english breakfast … I’ve produced breaded lamb chops, sausages and mash and slow-roasted pork belly … numerous curries with nearly every conventional form of meat, beef pies, sausage pies, prawn risotto and fried chicken and corn … is this little scaly thing called FISH!!

Um, what is it with this stuff?!? It smells, it’s slimy, it often has a head and eyes still on it – I mean, come on, would you eat a lovely, tender ox-cheek stew if you first had to cut the cheeks out of the head while looking into those cow eyes?!! And the difference between that unforgivably graphic description and loping the head off of a dead trout, eyes and all?!

Alright, I admit it – it’s not just the sight of the fish heads that put me off! For some reason, the smell, feel and look of fish is somehow that much worse than raw meat … maybe I know more about combining flavours and cooking meat … maybe fish is simply a massive unknown …

… but whatever it is, with the exception of fish fingers, the occasional can of tuna and a one-time-L-cooking-salmon-dish, in my kitchen, there is still something just too fishy about fish …


4 thoughts on “There’s something fishy about fish …

  1. R, this post cracked me up so much! They say that comics talent is to observe the funny in everyday life and you definately have that ability. Thanks for making me smile when I got up this morning 🙂 I only just finished the last of your delicious meals in my freezer last week! Much appreciated- my general fare is school canteen food, pizza, pasta and those readymade soups where you don’t have to chop and peel veg yourself! Or stir fry that comes out of a bag. Or a jacket potato! There thinks that’s my entire repertoire! Have resigned myself to my own lack of motivation to improve 🙂

    • Aw, I’m so very glad this made you laugh Kerry! That’s what I want this blog to do and I’m extra glad to know it cheered your day up! 🙂 For some reason it makes me think of that time, shortly after we met, when I came out with that comment about hating how people let their cats in the kitchen/on their worktops … then you said your family had a cat that was allowed in the kitchen! 🙂

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