The Cake

So what kind of cake does the loving wife produce for her husband’s 30th birthday?

Something that encapsulates boyhood fun and the responsibility that comes with Being A Man … That speaks of maturity tempered with humour … That expresses the wisdom of experience and the hope of more to come … That portrays friendships past, friendships now and friendships still to come …

Umm … no!

Picture a cake I made with best friend R … a cake where I thought I had sugar, but didn’t, meaning R kindly went to the corner shop to get some … a cake where I had to borrow from one of my Mama’s to get the right size tin … a cake where one of the layers stuck in its bowl and needed two pairs of hands and a lot of persuasion to it get out …

… a cake where both R and I worked on that icing again and again and again …

… icing for which I didn’t have enough sugar, so I had to buy some more, put it in the fridge overnight, beat, stir, plead – and still have lumpy, sloppy icing …

 … a cake which had liquorice Catherine Wheels on it …

… A Flying Saucer Birthday Cake!!!

In short: the best birthday cake for the best 30-year-old! … Shh, I’m not biased!! 😉


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