Happy 30th Birthday!!

That’s my hubby turning 30, not me! 🙂

Yesterday L and I celebrated his 30th birthday!!


L doesn’t think of himself as getting old, neither do I – and that’s not even mentioning how often I forget how old I really am … um, somewhere between 20 and 30?!?

We started off with presents …

… in bed with a nice black coffee. Of course.

Wow! Look at all those chocolates!! Yummy, yummy, scrummy!! 😛

Since our holiday in September, we have turned an occasional happening into a nearly daily habit: We curl up on the sofa and I read to L, almost always with a chocolate in hand and sometimes a small snifter of brandy or a wee dram o’ whiskey! 😉

We started the first Christmas we were dating, when L got food poisoning and I read aloud to him the only book I had with me – The Hobbit. We have soldiered through 2/3rd of Lord Of The Rings … and hadn’t read much for a long time. The cottage we stayed in in Cornwall had a small selection of books and we started reading  … we had to buy our own copy when we got home so we could finish the story! We have read another two books by the same author and have only one more to go before we’ve exhausted his current writings 😦 However, I snapped up a clearance bargain in the form of a mahoosive book (which is the size of three standard books rolled into one!!) by Tom Clancy, who just happens to be the author of the book “The Hunt For Red October”, which was made into one of L’s favourite films!! Reading books together has become such a habit that last night we watched a dvd together for the first time in about 6 weeks!!

More often than not, I get so carried away with my present wrapping that the only way to open it again is attacking it with a pair of scissors! 😛

In the evening we ate out at L’s favourite restaurant … by which time my poor hubby had developed a severe (and very loud!) case of the hiccups!! 😉

It just so happens that this is the same restaurant where L took me for our first official date … and it just so happens that I managed to get us a table just one table along from the one we sat at over 2 years ago – it’s amazing what the mention of a 30th birthday can accomplish! 😉

The scrummy Italian food got quickly polished off!

The view from our window, over the Cathedral Green, was breathtaking!!

The evening was nicely rounded off with a bottle of the now-traditional celebratory champagne and my first ever viewing of some of The Fellowship Of The Rings – I think my hubby enjoyed watching me jump and react to the film more than the film itself!! 😉

Happy 30th Birthday my wonderful hubby!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday!!

  1. Sounds lovely R, its cool to share a part in things going on in your life via your fab blog entries… makes me smile 🙂

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