I have many blog posts I have been planning for, taking photos for and thinking about for a while now …

… for today, they are going to have to wait.

Today …

… I’m remembering one of my very closest friends: her sister is dying, expected in the long-term but sudden in the short-term. Kirsty  knows she’s going to be with Jesus, please pray her passing on is merciful and peaceful.

… I’m remembering my husband and his Mum: L’s Grandma died during Saturday night. It was an amazingly peaceful death. Please pray for Pye, who is left alone after 70 plus year of knowing/being with Grandma. Please pray also for Karen, my Mum-in-law, one of the most lovely people I know – pray that God gives her strength as she is with her Dad, sister and the rest of the family at this time.

Back just before we entered the 2000’s, I lived in the USA for a year with my family … we attended a church, made friends … this evening I discovered that a girl we knew, a close friend of my sister N, was murdered this week . I’m shocked and sad. Please pray for Ryah Leslie’s family and friends as they go through this horrific time.

Next time, I’m back to post about the lighter side of my life.

For now, thank you for your thoughts/prayers.


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