Last Monday I had a cooking triumph!

I made my first ever filled, folded, proper omelet! L was delighted and I have to admit I was pretty chuffed – until now, it’s been a case of “oh-well-never-mind-at-least-scrambled-eggs-are-tasty-too”!! 😛 Hmm, now let’s see if I can manage this again … 😉

That very same day, I also had a cooking disaster.

I made a carrot cake for a friend’s birthday and the -never-fail-always-perfect cream cheese icing was so runny I just up-ended the bowl over the cake and poured the icing over …! By the time it had been carried to the restaurant, been kept in their fridge and then eventually made its grand entrance … if the icing splurging out onto the cake-tin lid and the top layer of cake leaning precariously over the edge of the bottom layer isn’t proof enough, the purple flower you see started off its life in the center of the cake … !!! Ooops! 😛


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