It matters

For the last two and a half years, since we first started dating, L and I have had Date Night on a Friday evening – unless something came up which meant we decided we should have a re-shuffle and have our time together on another evening.

I’ve never wanted/needed to set requirements for L at any point during our relationship. The only thing I have said he cannot do, is grow a beard. Even then, I’ve said that he’s welcome to grow a mustache/beard/facial hair if he wants … he just isn’t going to get a chance at a kiss until it’s all shaved off … ! I know, I know – that’s good as saying he can’t have a beard!! 😉

The other big thing for me, is that I’m very protective of that date-night (an evening just for us to spend time together) every week. As is my hubby! 🙂 I look forward to date-night all week! It’s not that we never get to spend any other time together, just that it’s so easy for life to become busy and quality time to be broken into little bits that will slot in between other things and … well, you know how the diaries get filled up so fast!

I all too easily get fixated on routines and traditions … the particular day that something happens … the person that does this task … the time after which I allow myself to change into my pjs … the number of spoons of coffee I have each morning … the number of times I wash my hair each week … we all have our little quirks, right?! 😉

Tonight was Thursday evening, not Friday evening. Tonight we were both physically and emotionally exhausted and needed an evening of relaxation and time spent with each other. Yes, it required a quick re-shuffle of that ol’ diary and no, nothing was going to be happening tomorrow evening to stop the usual routine … but we needed to spend an evening together.

It mattered.

I was about to strike the match to light the big candle (photos above) and the two dinner candles we keep on our dinning table … but you can’t always have candles, right? It’s not like there’s something extra-special happening, huh? Both L and I love candles and the soft, relaxing light they create. Ok, so this was “just another” date-night, but we were spending time together, so that’s important, right? I lit the candles.

It mattered.

While the hubby did some washing-up I set the table. I went to get out “our” napkins – some red and dotty napkins I bought about two years ago for us to take on picnics, have on special occasions (um, yeah, we’re kind of barbaric – we use kitchen roll the rest of the time! 😛 ), etc … there was nothing special to celebrate tonight, no big milestone or event that we were commemorating … My husband and I were spending an evening of just the two of us, having quality time with each other, relaxing and getting a break from daily stresses together. So what that there are only a certain number of napkins and that once they’re gone they’re gone? I put the napkins out.

It mattered.

We had got some money for Christmas and had decided that we were going to spend it on something that we would both enjoy together. As I tried to cheer up a depressed husband, give hope to a man currently without a job and give a slightly harsh-looking future a more cheerful look, I tried to banish the thought of having our date-night tonight and spending our Christmas present on a much-loved treat: curry takeaway from the best Indian restaurant in town! After all, it’s just another Thursday evening, right? It’s just curry, right? Curry is a treat we both enjoy, the Christmas gift is a blessing we are both so grateful for. We ordered takeaway.

It mattered.

We lit the candles, we used our red dotty napkins, we spent our Christmas gift, we had curry takeaway and red wine, we watched another episode of our current DVD, we ate chocolate, we read aloud from a great mystery novel … we enjoyed just relaxing and spending time together, hugs and conversation, the fact that we’re together and married, that we have each other. Being Dr and Mrs L. Us.

It mattered.


2 thoughts on “It matters

  1. This was a beautiful post. May God strengthen both of you you as you strengthen each other. I shall be praying for your husband’s next job assignement from God. The Lord takes care!

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