As any of you who have been reading my blog for any amount of time will have seen, I try to keep my blog posts upbeat, positive, funny (when at all possible), optimistic, colourful … you get the point! 🙂

On a few occasions, however, I have found myself compelled to break my own principles and write about the deeper things in life – or at least to right about them in a fittingly serious manner.

Now is one of those occasions.

Christmas is a time to celebrate so many things, first and foremost the birth of Jesus. It’s meant to be a time of family and friends, fun and laughter, joy and happy memories … but amongst the baking and shopping, cooking and decorating, parties and present giving … for some of us this is also a very hard time of year, when we miss family and friends who are no longer with us, grieve for sad events and find that our sorrow is at least as equal to our joy, even as everyone celebrates around us.

Yesterday evening one of my friends, also a former house-mate, lost one of his close friends. He died in hospital of brain injuries, after being hit by a bus just the day before.

One of L and I’s old friends is driving herself and her Mum an hour to hospital and then another hour back every day. S’s brother has been in hospital for a while now and has had surgery, but is not getting better.

My friend H is visiting her Grandmother’s grave tomorrow, on the 1st anniversary of her death. She will be going with her Mum and they are both finding it hard, missing her and especially at this time of year.

My Nana died on Christmas Day last year. I loved her dearly and am missing her this holiday season more than other times. I want to be happy that she is in a much better place and getting to celebrate her favourite holiday with Jesus! But the hole will still be there.

My Mum is finding these weeks very hard, as she faces a year since her Mother died. She almost cried when I told her I would be wearing Nana’s wedding and engagement rings on Christmas day.

So right now, I am pausing in the middle of my nearly-Christmas rush, to remember all those who have sorrows this Christmas, to pray for every person who is sad, for whatever reason, during this Season of Joy.

Maybe you could join me?


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