Christmas Fairies!

On Friday my best mate R and I were daubed Christmas Fairies!

It has become a tradition, over the last three years, for R and I to decorate an older couple’s Christmas tree – M and S C (One of my Mamas and her wonderful husband) …

Friday lunch time found R, myself and my hubby having a truly sumptuous roast chicken dinner round at the C’s home!

Than, after M and hubby went out to attend to important matters, R and I transformed the naked Christmas tree into a thing of beauty!!

It was decided that as Christmas Fairies we had to wear halos/wreaths …

Mine was an actual Christmas door wreath …

R’s halo was a much more inventive arrangement of a Christmas flower decoration …

And, of course …

… we looked beautiful! Just like real fairies!! 😉


One thought on “Christmas Fairies!

  1. Aw that’s lovely! We had a tradition for a few years of being Christmas Elves for my friends Mel and Darren – me, my mum and step dad would visit on Christmas Eve and help prepare their Christmas veg for them. One year Graham even bought his own peeler!

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