Christmas Pudding!

Last year, the first Christmas L and I were married, I made a Christmas pudding … it was big … it smelled scrumptious … and we never ate it!! 😦

It was a massive pudding and, bearing in mind I had to steam it for 1-2 hours in a pan of boiling water before we could eat it, what was the point? It could have easily fed 11+ people, and there are just 2 of us …

So eventually, come March/April, I put our beautifully muslin-wrapped, but sadly neglected Christmas pudding in the bin …

Oh dear.

This Christmas however I am starting afresh … I gathered my ingredients …

… carefully consulted my ingredients and the cooking method many times over …

… crumbled my breadcrumbs …

(Take my advice and if you have a gadget that will do this for you – use it! Talk about aching fingers … )

I weighed, chopped and grated …

… admired the many ingredients …

(Yup, I know, it is a saucepan I’m mixing my Christmas pudding in, but my biggest mixing bowl was too small, so I had no choice!! 😛 )

Ok, so this stage doesn’t look quite so pretty …

… but once they’re in their little individual little tins though, don’t they look cute?!? 😛

Now I can give some puddings away as Christmas gifts and finish cooking two little puddings just for my hubby and I!! 😀

This method of steaming the puddings (after placing the little puddings in the tin, half fill the roasting tin with boiling water and bake/steam for 1 hour) was so much more simple and immeasurably less bother than the method I used last year!

After slipping these little beauties in the oven I proceeded to cook a Chicken Saag Curry … interesting aroma combinations!!! 😉


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