Oh, I have a blog, don’t I?!

I ended up taking an unintentional break from blogging, didn’t I? I’m putting it down to computer and photo issues, a crazy diary during October and the exhaustion meltdown that resulted …

Ah well, I’m back!! 🙂 I’m back to using L’s ancient laptop (Even though you guessed right by assuming that means a whole lot of slowness, flaky wireless connection, keys which have to be thumped to register on the screen, I am soooo grateful, trust me!! 😉  I have been trapped in my flat this afternoon waiting for the courier to come and pick up my laptop to be repaired – on the afternoon of my birthday (perfect timing huh?!) I couldn’t turn it on and it has stayed dead since then! Oh the joys!! 😛

So computer problems are on the way to being sorted. Photo problems, because of the slow internet connection right now, might take a while longer …

Either way, photos or not, I’m back!! 🙂

I’ve got lots to write about and will be back tomorrow with another post!!

Is there anything YOU would like me to write about?!


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