Apples, apples, apples …

A friend from church was giving away crates of cooking apples from her garden.

My own one-person apple cooking marathon ensued…

Luke put in a special request for a spiced apple cake … rather yummy, though I do say so myself!! 😉

After a bit of research, the purchasing of vinegar and jars, followed by lots of chopping …

… and many hours of simmering and stirring …

I ended up with six jars of Spiced Apple Chutney!

These were followed a couple of days later by four (and a half! 😛 ) jars of Apple and Blackberry Jam!

These goodies (except for the apple cake, surprisingly!! 😉 ) are now stashed in the bottom of my wardrobe (aka: cool, dark place!) to mature …

Yummy, yummy!!

I’ve received one chocolate suggestion so far – thank you! – so keep them coming!! 🙂


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