National Chocolate Week

Today I learnt from Frugal Feeding that this next week (10th-16th October) is national Chocolate week!! Nom, nom, nom!! 😛 Check out Frugal Feeding’s Chocolate Biscotti recipe for a yummy, chocolately delight!

In honour of this auspicious National Chocolate Week, I am undertaking to bake something involving chocolate … what exactly that will be, is up to you, my readers … !! Am I doing a very stupid thing here?! Yes, probably, but here we go …

Enter the recipe of  your favourite Chocolate Bake as a comment (be that cookies, brownies, cake, cheesecake, bar, pudding … ) and I will randomly select one of the recipes (maybe more, who knows?!?) to tackle!! 😛 You will get to see photos of the process and photos of the result … and hear all about my hubby’s and friend’s review of the finished bake!! 😉

Please do let me have your favourite chocolate recipes!!! 😀


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