The Great British Bake Off!

As you must know by now, from my previous posts, I love cooking!!

Especially if it involves lots of colours! 😉

Once upon a time, I used to enjoy baking far and above cooking …

… I still love baking, but now I love cooking probably just as much …

L and I don’t have a TV licence, but watch DVDs instead … with the exception of iplayer, a BBC (British Broadcasting Company) website which allows you to watch some selected TV programs on the internet, after their original broadcasting time. My hubby doesn’t use this at all, but I love it! I genuinely don’t miss TV as a whole, but I do like my cookery programs, my youth and crime documentaries and my detective dramas!! 😛 Also, as I can’t watch TV without doing something else as well, it means we have lots of homemade cards and gifts, so who’s going to complain! 😉

This week marked the final of The Great British Bake Off!!

At the beginning we had all these contestants … all amateur bakers – like ourselves! 😉

These were the two presenters … I loved their banter and the fun they had together and with the contestants!

And these were the judges – Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. I have grown up with Mary Berry baking recipes, so I have a little soft spot for her!! 😉

The many bakes the contestants had to complete fell into three categories – The Signature Bake (something they had created themselves), The Technical Challenge (one of Mary Berry’s own recipes, but with a bare minimum of instructions and timings, all judged anonymously) and The Show-Stopper – perfect in every way and completely fabulous in appearance!

The Chocolate Roulade was one of The Technical Bakes. You saw a photo of my own Jam Swiss Roll (as it happens, one of Mary Berry’s recipes …!! 😛 ) but this is a league above …

Baked Cheesecakes were another feature – something I would love to try making someday soon!

Petits Fours featured a number of times …

… as did Pork Pies, Sponge Cakes, Cupcakes, Savoury or Fruit Tarts, French Special Pastries and many other baking masterpieces …

After eight weeks of baking and eliminations, a Great British Baker was chosen!!

I was a little bit more than rather chuffed that it was my favourite that won!!! 😉

Do you prefer baking or cooking?


5 thoughts on “The Great British Bake Off!

  1. I got my girlfriend into this series, she loves it! I’ve been watching it on and off as I’m a little busy with work etc… plus I don’t like watching too much tv, then again neither does she. It is really very good!

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