October BBQ!!!

Today the temperature in my city reached 24C/75F.

Today the date on my calendar read 3rd October.

What happened to the weather?!?

I read this on the BBC weather news website:

“The record has been broken for the highest temperature (UK) recorded in October – now at 29.9C (85.8F). It was set at 14:42 BST in Gravesend, Kent, beating the previous record of 29.4C (84.9F) recorded on 1 October 1985, in March, Cambridgeshire.”

October in England is cloudy .. lots of rain … high winds … thunder storms … chilly evenings … the first of that year’s cuddling up with a blanket … the return of slipping into cosy hoodies …

This October in England is blue skies … not a drop of rain … warm breezes that just stir my hair … hot night with the bedroom window thrown wide open … evenings where I have to tie my hair up while cooking dinner, to stop it sticking to my neck … not being able to cuddle L for more than a few minutes of a film, or we just get too hot! … pulling back out of the wardrobe the cropped trousers I’d thought I wouldn’t need until 2012’s summer …

Yesterday afternoon we went to a friend’s BBQ … on the 2nd of October!!! Hello, but when was the last time you wanted to spend the whole afternoon sitting in your back garden cooking, talking and eating with your friends?!? Um … not unless I wanted to get wet, cold and thoroughly miserable!! 😉

The Cathedral Green has turned back into the city’s beach and England’s beach are once more full of sunbathers …

Not … please note not! … that I’m complaining! 😉 It did feel like summer, sun and warmth came and went again very quickly this year, so who am I to grumble at an extra week of summer … even if it is in October!! 😛

What is the most unusual heat wave you’ve experienced?!


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