Autumn gold

I love autumn!! I like every season as it comes round it turn, but I have a special soft spot for autumn … I like it just a little bit extra … its beauty takes my breath away just a few times more … I enjoy its uniqueness just a touch more often

If there is one time during the year that I am guaranteed to make more photos (hard to believe, huh?!? 😉 ) then it is, without a doubt, autumn! I find new beauty in every fallen leaf, new joy in every new splash of colour … new photo opportunities in each new sign of the season …

A conversation I had with myself today sounded something very like this …

“Oooh, that leaf is beautiful, why did I just put my camera away? … Because you already have more than enough photos! … But this is so amazing! … That’s what you said about the last one! … This will be the last photo I’ll take, then I’ll walk off … That’s ALSO what you said about the last one!! … But if I take it from this angle, it will be unlike any of the other photos I’ve taken so far!! … And what exactly are you going to do with all these photos?!? … Oh, I don’t know! I’ll find SOMETHING to do with them … Uh-huh …”

I’m so glad I live in a country where each of the four seasons are so clearly defined … I’d hate to miss out on any of them … but yes! Especially autumn!! 😉

Just a few weeks before we started dating, L gave me a conker that he’d found in the park by his old house and, thinking of how much I loved autumn, he picked it up to give to me … I tried so hard to persuade myself it didn’t mean anything more than a good friend thinking of me in a hard time … I’m so very glad it was much more!!! 😉

Of course, my love of autumn has nothing, absolutely nothing, to with the fact that my birthday falls bang smack in the middle of this season …

Nope, my partiality for the sound of October is not determined by my birth date …

… I refuse to accept that my partiality for the combination of red, yellow, orange and brown has anything to do with the 17th …

… well, ok, so maybe I’m slightly influenced because in October I get to have cards, presents, cake and candles …

… oh yes, and a celebratory bottle of champagne with my hubby …

I guess it’s just a good job I know that I love my the season of my birthday so much because of the season, not because of my birthday, eh?! 😉

I love autumn!!

I love taking photos of autumn!!

I don’t see any need to change this …

… I don’t see any need to share all of my photos and if I did, you wouldn’t have to look at them all, right?!

He he he Don’t panic!! 😀 I really am not about to overload you with even more photos then I already do!! 😉

But hey, so what if no one ever sees the photo?!? Di you enjoy taking it? Did you appreciate the beauty and creation of the object in front of you??

Then, in my opinion, the photo has already fulfilled its purpose and is in no way wasted!! 😀

Which is your favourite season and why?!?


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