Cornish days

It took us longer than we planned to finish packing, go grocery shopping and drive down to the holiday cottage in Cornwall, so L was very hungry and couldn’t wait to get dinner on … and was so impatient for the Bolognese to be ready to eat that he was making silly faces for the camera!! 😉

Back in May, when booking our holiday, I filtered the list of cottages down and down, then gave my hubby a choice of two – The Barn or The Workshop … no guesses about the original uses of these buildings, huh?! 😉 L decided that staying in a building called The Workshop sounded even more uncomfortable than spending a week in a barn …

… I was completely sold when I read that we would have our own little garden, reached by a little bridge from the bedroom!! 😛 The Barn was booked!

The cottage turned out to be a gorgeous little stone building in the village of Luxulyan (I pronounced it differently just about every time I said it! 😛 ) …

… and it wasn’t particularly barn-like either!! 😉

After all, even this bargin-lovin’ girl has her standards … oh yes, and a marked dedication to comfort … 😉

We didn’t get out into this beautiful little garden a whole lot …

… for two reasons: we didn’t wake up until late (come on, we were on vacation!!!), we stayed talking in bed ’till even later … then we were out and about the width and breadth of Cornwall until we were so tired supper and reading aloud in bed was the only thing on our minds … oh yes, and it’s getting dark around 6:30/7 pm around here … the second reason had to do with a lot of red tape … the alternative access to the garden, these moss-covered stone steps up the side of the house, weren’t the death-hazard the cottage booklet warned us they would be, but in rain-prone September, for a girl with an over-active imagination and a boy with a 10th of normal vision, climbing up and then down those steps was not an experience we thought worth repeating!! 😉

The second reason was a note left in front of the door leading from the bedroom to the garden, which asked us not to use the door to the garden until further notice … there was a lot of cling film/plastic wrap around the handle side of the door, but it didn’t seem to be too damaged in too drastic a way, not enough to stop it opening and closing a few times, anyway … and no, don’t ask how we discovered that!!! 😉

Despite the small amount we used the garden, I got a quiet sense of satisfaction just from knowing it was there, it was all ours for the week and that we could go in it any time we wanted … yup! For a girl who doesn’t have a garden of her own, but would love one, even having a barely used garden for a short week was a delicious feeling!! 😉

What is your favourite holiday memory?!


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