Ah, holidays!

Have you wondered where I’ve been for the last ten days?! Well, just incase you were starting to think I had finally dropped off of the edge of this old planet of ours … or even if you hadn’t noticed at all 😉 … let me put your mind at rest … I haven’t … not yet, anyway!! 😛

Yesterday L and I got home after a blissful week’s holiday! *Ahh* Its was such a lovely break, one that was much-needed and although we were ready to come back to our own home by the end of it, there’s always that part of you that regrets the end of a vacation, isn’t there?!

Realising with a pang how neglectful I’ve been of my poor blog and my long-suffering readers, I meant to write a whole collection of posts which would be dated to appear at regular intervals throughout the past week … need I say that I didn’t get round to it?! 😉 The week before the holiday was possibly the hardest week of the past year and there were other things that elbowed into taking a higher priority than blog posts …

But here, at last, here I am, back from vacation and smiling, armed with (far too many) photos and some fun stories … are you ready to join me for the next adventure?!? 😀

Then let’s head for the winding lanes, the fresh air, the superb cider, the breathtaking seas and the awe-inspiring rocks of Cornwall …

More photos to follow soon!! 🙂


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