Returning to earth …

I haven’t been around on here very much lately, have I? Sometimes life does that to you … throws so much at you at once that you are left knocked to your back on the ground, gasping for breath and wondering if that was the last missile headed your way, or if it’s safe to get up now … at times like these, prioritising gets turned to automatic mode … the essentials get done, the days get lived through, the tears get dried and bed becomes your best friend … blogging sadly hasn’t made it onto my list of daily essentials this past week or so …

Oh, and the other thing which stopped me blogging was my inability to view any images on the WordPress blogs I follow or on my own blog … so annoying!! It’s now sorted, thanks to a suggestion to clear my cache and cookies … the blogging world has returned to full colour! 😉

Last Friday I came up for air and my wonderful hubby and I got to enjoy a perfect evening together, just enjoying each other and the  – nice! 😉 – surprises that God and friends bring you when you’re least expecting it …

About two or three weeks ago I got the results from my first youth work degree module (I passed!! 😀 ) and last week one of my Mamas gave me a present and said to get something to remember the occasion by …

So I decided L and I could do with a treat and we decided to have a meal out together … then I found a 2-mains-for-£12 voucher for this Italian place I’d never been to and L had only visited once – done!! After all, who can resist a bargain like that?! 😉

We had a table for two in a slightly quieter part of the restaurant, where there were wooden beams, this cool cubed mirror wall with candles on some of the cubes, wood floors and candles on the tables … nice and relaxing, just what we needed!

L decided on his order pretty quickly but I – of course! – had to um and ah and list the various options I liked and what the positives/negatives were for each dish … then told L what I was going for … and ordered something different when the waitress came!!! I didn’t tell my hubby about that final decision until the server came, because I knew how much he would enjoy teasing me about changing my mind again … !! 😉

I tried to be ultra-artistic and take a photo of both of us in the mirror … it leaves L with his mouth full and me with a mahoosive chin … oh well!! 😛

My hubby loves calazone and this one was quite special … called Carne Piccante, it was filled with seasoned chicken, meatballs and crushed chillies with bolognese sauce with a blend of cheese – yum!

I ordered pizza too, but mine was the traditional type, topped with leeks, roasted peppers, olives, mozzarella, parma ham and gorgonzola … I love, really LOVE cheese and this was too scrummy a sounding option to resist trying …

Even though I was only able to manage 1/3 of this enormous pizza, it was very delicious indeed!! 😀

Don’t worry though (just incase you were having a moment of gastronomic panic! 😉 ) I got to take the other 2/3rds of the pizza home with me … L very much appreciated this come Saturday lunch time!! 😛

We topped the evening off in our own cosy little home, with a bottle of wine, Chocolate Mousse Gu Pots and Dumb and Dumber …

Sigh of happy content …


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