The Way I See it Wednesday

The Way I See it WEDNESDAY is a Blog Hop designed for those who want

to share their thoughts in either WoRDs or PiCTuReS.


On Friday my friend R and I are going blackberry picking, apple and blackberry crumble (crisp) making and who knows?

Maybe even blackberry jam making … ?!


Want to join in the Blog Hopping fun?! Head on over to Adventures in the Ordinary, grab the button, publish your post and link up with Jackie and with me!! Come and share the fun!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Way I See it Wednesday

  1. Okay, do you have any idea how jealous of you I am right now? I love, love, love blackberries! These are great photos—but I really wish I could TASTE THEM?! Can we find a way to field trips in our weekly hops??

    Thank you for hoping. I am new to WordPress (5 days strong) I am going to stalk you for a bit and find a way to follow. “)

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