The Way I See It Wednesday

The Way I See it WEDNESDAY is a Blog Hop designed for those who want to

share their thoughts in either WoRDs or PiCTuReS.

Jackie, who blogs at Adventures in the Ordinary launched a Blog Hop this week – The Way I See It Wednesday – you should go and check out the Blog Hop page, and most definitely, Jackie’s blog!! 🙂


My favourite colour of all time is RED!!

I’ve picked three of my favourite photos from the last year which are mostly of something RED!

I wore these rainbow stripped socks and RED Converses once the formal photos were over and it was time for L and I’s photos and the reception!! I loved it! 😛

I loved planning for and being a part of the tea party I held for my sisters, when, amongst other yummy English tea-time treats, we had fresh scones, rich clotted cream and RED strawberry jam! Yum!! 😀

I’m enjoying cooking up dishes of (hopefully!) yummy food with all the fresh fruit and vegetables that are around at this time of year! L loves these bright, fresh, RED tomatoes in his lunches of pasta salads or wraps! They look so juicy, fresh and RED!! 😛


Want to join in the Blog Hopping fun?! Head on over to Adventures in the Ordinary, grab the button, publish your post and link up with Jackie and with me!! Come and share the fun!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Way I See It Wednesday

  1. Love your photos – red is such a passionate color! I’m so glad you linked up, and invited others to play to!

  2. okay, I just loved the rainbow socks and the red shoes at your wedding! Way to be WHO YOU ARE!
    I love tomatoes, I cannot look at a picture of one and not think of my grandma 😉
    Thanks for playing The Way I see it Wednesday and thanks for reading about my 72 hour hold. Your comments were very encouraging!

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