A family weekend of fun – Take 1!

This weekend L and I got on a train (a whole other story in itself … coming soon … !!! πŸ˜› ) and went to visit his parents, along with his sister, who also came this weekend. Oh, yes … they’re now my family too!! Yay!!! πŸ˜€

My Mother-in-Law, K, is a fantastic cook and had the largest collection of cookery books I have ever seen! We have spent many happy times talking about food, cooking, the cookery programs we like to watch and which chef’s recipes we like the most … I hope that one day I can cook as wonderfully and deliciously as her … with the seeming ease that she posses … to create a sumptuous Malaysian Chicken Curry, a deeply delicious Lamb Tagine, or her mouth-watering Lamb Shanks … not to mention her melt-in-the-mouth Creme Brule and the only Fish Pie I have ever enjoyed in my life … YUMM-EEY!! πŸ˜›

My lovely Mother-in-Law, K, and my amazing sister-in-law, KY!

We went up on the Friday, stayed over two nights and came back in the early evening of today. I was looking forward to it for weeks before and it was a lovely break! Sometimes a complete change from the every-day you’re living in can be almost as refreshing as a week-long holiday! L and I needed this change and it was good! πŸ™‚

Friday evening was a time of chilling with glasses was scrummy wine, simple but truly yummy food, lots of catching up, laughing and reminiscing around the table, then relaxing in front of the cosy woodburner with a wee drum ‘o whiskey! πŸ˜‰

My crazy, fun and admirably courageous newest sis: KY

On the Saturday evening we went for a walk on Bradbury Rings, an old Iron Age hill fort. KY and I climbed up the way-too-steep slopes of the rings and ran helta-scelta down the other side, while the other walked nicely through the gaps in the rings – boring!! πŸ˜›

Then we went to a little pub in a village, where the locals were sitting on benchs, talking, laughing and drinking and we sat outside in the sunshine drinking cider and ale – very relaxing!

My Dad-in-Law’s sunglasses seemed to be a star attraction of the evening! πŸ™‚

The views up there were simply gorgeous!! I had been tobogganing on The Rings at Christmas, when he had so much snow and were spending the holidays with L’s parents, but I didn’t realize then exactly how spectacular the countryside is around there! Of course, snow-covered hills and trees as far as you can see are pretty amazing too …!! πŸ˜›

Don’t we all look like a nice sane bunch of people?!? πŸ˜‰

We made up some silly stories about this stone … good giggles!

We were a little too close to these cows for my liking … actually, I think they might have been boy-cows! Shudder!! I controlled myself by saying that they wouldn’t be able to climb up the steep slope to the top of the ring we were walking along … whether that was true or not, it helped!! πŸ˜‰

I have no idea what L just said, but it seems to be something that either disgusted or amused KY … can you work that expression out?!? πŸ™‚

There will be more photos to follow … I just to share the butterfly and scenery photos I took on our picnic and walk … the outdoor breakfast bbq … the scrabble game in a field gateway … !!! πŸ˜›

What fun thing/s did you do this weekend?


5 thoughts on “A family weekend of fun – Take 1!

  1. It sounds as if you had a glorious time, dearest. We prayed that you would and it’s nice to know that, indeed, you did! πŸ™‚ The countryside looks lovely, but look at those faces you’re all pulling … πŸ˜›

    Love you, dear!

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