The Silly Hat Competition!

This afternoon my homegroup had a social in the local park. Lots of outdoor game stuff was brought, tins of cakes, flasks of tea and coffee … and hats!!

We were having a competition to see who was wearing the most silly/fun sun hat!! 🙂 Of course, me being me, I had to go all-out for this! 😛 I was going to win that competition!! 🙂

After spending a few days thinking it over now and again, I came up with a plan! I’d started from objects I already had and then boom – the picture leapt into my head …

I started with this hat …

… this monkey …

 … this cute little key ring …

… this squishy little frog …

… and lots of brightly coloured paper!

What on earth am I hoping to create?!?

Let the fun begin!! 😉

Pencil, scissors, glue, stapler, thread, needle – check!

Snip, snip, dab or two of glue … scrunchy, scrunchy, staple right here … snip, snip, thread the needle … stitch, stitch, tie a knot … prick, prick, sigh of frustration … yup, yup, hubby applauds!

The finished product! I had to change monkeys, as the first one was too floppy! This one looks very nervous …! 😛

Introducing Summer 2011’s latest style in sun hats!!

Yup, I felt like I was ready for the Silliest Hat Competition!! 😀

We played frisbee, ping-pong, French cricket and rounders – kind of like softball!! I got hot, sticky and red in the face … but oh, it was so much fun! 😀

Guess what?! I won the Silliest  Sun Hat competition!!! Whoop whoop!! 😛

Newtown 1 homegroup socials are awesome!! Thanks for such a fun time guys! Wonderful idea!! 🙂

(Notice the N for Newtown and 1 on the icing of the cupcake?! So cute Esther! 🙂 )

What fun thing/s have you been a part of this weekend? Do share!


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