The Cathedral and me

The Cathedral and me … we go back a long way.

I grew up in a small town 1 1/2 hours from the city I now live in. For a good number of years we used to drive up to “the big city” once a month, to buy clothes where they had more than three stores. We would buy sandwiches and crisps (chips) from the basement of Marks and Spencer, then go and eat them sitting on this very same Cathedral Green.

My sisters and I used to play under this tree. There were tree all the way around the edge of the Green. I loved all those trees. I thought of it as a park in the middle of the city. I was really upset when, at least five years ago now, they took down the majority of the trees. But not this one.

I loved this guy. I thought he was The Guardian of The Cathedral. When I was really young I was very much in awe of him, scared almost. I knew I had to behave or he might be cross!! Isn’t it strange what ideas we get into our heads when we’re little?! I’m pretty sure it’s because I’d been learning about  schools in history and in an old engraving in one of the history books, a schoolmaster which looked just like this kind old guy, was beating a pupil with a bunch of sticks. I guess that’s where the connection came in … I’ve always been on the random side of things …!! 😛

Don’t worry, I forgave him, you see?! 😉 At the start of my two years of doing a training internship at my church, we did a lot of team building tasks – one of which was to take a photo of each member of the team at their favourite place in our city. Where did I choose? Yup! The Cathedral Green!! 😛 I gave this old chappy a hug! 🙂 Gosh, this photo was taken four years ago!! Wowsas!

We didn’t have our wedding photos taken on the Green – for one thing, there would have been way too many people there over a Saturday lunch time, we got stared at quite enough as it was in the local park we went to!! – but we did, however, stay in this amazing old hotel on the night of our wedding, which overlooked the Cathedral Green! It was perfect and was so luxurious I struggled to believe it was real!! The perfect end to our wedding day! 🙂

During the Reformation Oliver Cromwell had most of the church’s statues defaced, believing they were idolatrous, but these two dudes survived!

As did this guy, who was apparently burdened with a second head which he had to lug around with him …

I’ve often wondered what it is about cobbled roads that we find so charming. The little hardly-more-than-a-pavement sized road that surrounds the Cathedral and its Green is cobbled. And I love it! It adds an undeniable quality to that area; and undeniable sense of history and grandeur to the Cathedral.

I once attended a Christmas morning service at the Cathedral, when Nana came to stay with us one Christmas. It was so beautiful and the choral singing was one of the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard! Twice I’ve gone to concerts held in the Cathedral and one other event. These days, I hardly ever go inside the building, just enjoy it from the outside … and this, of course, has nothing to do with the significant amount of pressure/guilt put on you to pay for visiting the Cathedral … !! 😛

I’ve never been as passionate about history and historic buildings/sites as te rest of my family, but there is an undeniable attraction, an almost irresistable pull, about ages past and the buildings and legacy they have left behind for us …

It made me happy when they planted a lot of new trees round and in the Cathedral Green!! 🙂

They also added a lot of nice, long benches beside the low wall that surrounds the Green – great for eating lunch, writing or just thinking!!

I love the Cathedral … the Cathedral Green … the Cathedral Close …

I have so many memories in this place – both old and new …

… I find a peace, a tranquility, a continuity, here …

… a sense of security, of anchorage, or past and present belief in the God of the Universe, a comforting reminder that I’m not the first one  – that people came here before me – and that, hopefully, people will be coming to this spot and finding that same sense of peace and calm, when I’m long dead and in a better place.

And so for that reason, the Cathedral Green is going to continue to be my favourite place in my City!

P.S. – Like the gargoyle?!? 😛

What is your favourite place where you live? Why?


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