Trees, cows, grass and aching legs

A couple of weekends ago L’s Mum came to visit and we had a pub lunch in the country and went for a little walk through some woods – as it happens, the same woods where L proposed over a year ago now! 😉

Other than that, I haven’t been for a walk in the countryside for … well, since our honeymoon, so about 10 months. I’ve always loved walking and I’ve always been a bit of a country girl. I am very content living in a city and wouldn’t want to live much further out then we do, but I need my dose of green hills and leafy woodlands from time to time – just to make sure I’m still really alive in here! 🙂

Although there are many reasons why I am very grateful we do not have a car of our own right now, sometimes the restriction on my freedom can become a little irksome … just sometimes! Mostly I am content to take my daily walks along concrete, beside a not-so-clean river and always with the guarantee of seeing many other people. I crave my daily walks and eat up at least 2 miles pretty fast these days . However …

… however, sometimes the country girl in me longs for pure air, green green grass, stoney paths, big leafy trees, the kind of silence that only comes from being surrounded by nature, the rush of joy at seeing so many living things around you, the more varied songs of birds, the fresh and invigorating feeling that comes from hiking in the country and that strange sort of comfort of knowing that you are almost alone in the midst of a sea of green grass, big trees and blue skys! Ahh! So restful!

How greedy am I to have three mammas?! Yeah, quite greedy I guess … but you aint getting an apology from me!! 😉 Two are kinda normal and obvious – Mother and Mother-in-Law. I have one more – S, a lovely retired lady who has been with me through massive changes over the last 4 plus years and has taken me into her life and she and her husband now view me as a honourery daughter. Honestly, I feel privileged, as they are one of the best couples I know and L and I hope that we will be very much like them by the time we get to their age. Being counted as her friend is an honour.

I meet up with S every two weeks and we work on our patchwork and quilting together, go out for coffee or go for a walk somewhere out of the city. Quite often we walk along the seafront at a local beach, but today, as she was sweet and indulged my craving for green surrounding, we went for a long walk/hike in the woods and hills not too too far away from us.

S and her husband M both love taking and editing photos, so I didn’t feel too guilty about my frequent stops to take yet another shot … !!

And she took a few shots of me too!! 🙂 Isn’t this just such an awesome tree?!? I’m sitting in the hollow roots of what must have at one time been a gigantic, stately tree! Massive!!

I loved how dramatic this leafless old tree looked against the background of patchwork fields and blue sky! There’s something quite majestic about it I think – still standing even with no leaves …

I am forced to ask myself this question: would I consider it a worthwhile expedition – from a photography point of view – if I didn’t get my all-time-favourite shot of the sun bursting through the leaves? Hmm … !! 😛

Another spectacular dead tree … I love the dramatic look of the bare, white branches against the big old living tree behind it … there’s something quite beautiful about it.

The afternoon has fulfilled my longing for green, for living things, for fresh air, for rolling hills and shady woods, for the only sounds being the crunching of our feet along the paths, the birds singing and the cows in the neighbouring field, for being close to nature, for feeling the breeze and knowing I’m alive, no matter what.

Which do you prefer – town or country? What is your favourite environment to go walking/hiking/running in?


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