Is it possible to be too proud of your husband?

… I don’t think so! ‘Cause he deserves it more than 100%!! So here I am, a very proud wife, glowing in L’s amazing achievement!! 😀

A little side-note – sorry for my absence – my laptop has been playing up and, until this evening, decided it wanted to retire … but it’s back fighting strong – I’m just too much of an attraction you see!! 😉

So what is L’s amazing achievement?

On Tuesday afternoon, my hubby handed in his phd thesis!! Wow! After 5 years hard work and then having to write his whole thesis in just a year and a half, he is all written up, printed, bound and handed in!!

He dedicated his phd to me – ME!!! I couldn’t have felt more special, more privileged so very lucky to be HIS wife, so very proud of all his hard work, determination and commitment then I did right then! 😀

While we waited for the print shop to bind the three copies of L’s thesis, we sat on the grass in the sun while L ate his crunchy, beany, full-of-veggies wrap, then lay on our backs, marvelling at the blue sky, the green, green trees and the sun which burst through the leaves above us.

We watched the clouds floating by and L tried to get me to see the elephant he saw, but I thought the octopus was more obvious …

The grass was fresh and green and soft underneath us … yeah, ok, it did make us get damp bums after half an hour, but hey, lying on the grass in the sun felt good while it lasted! 🙂

The sunlight pouring through the tree above us was beautiful, hopeful, inspiring, calming, peaceful, freeing. Like my husband feels now he is finished with his phd (minus viva) – FREE!!!

Just as we are all free in and through Jesus our Saviour. And one thing is for sure, Luke (and myself!) couldn’t have made it this far without Him!!



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