It happened one day …

… that my Nana said “yes”, when my Grandpa asked “will you marry me?”

And he gave her a beautiful ring!

… that I was the grandchild who got to keep the ring!

I’m not going to wear it the regularly, but it is something I will treasure greatly!

… that my lovely Mum brought me three big, colourful, bright and sunshiny sunflowers!

They were a wonderfully bright spot on my kitchen table for days!

… that my prayer triplet went to Costa for a treat!

One of my friends, the lovely C, had hot chocolate – doesn’t it look good enough to dive into?! 🙂

Lovely M had a Double Chocolate Iced Cooler (with cream on top! You can just spy it at the back) and I had a Mango and Passionfruit Iced Cooler – delish!! 😛

… that I was using these wonderfully colourful veggies!

I used them, along with turkey, cannelloni beans, cheese and mayo-yogurt-curry-powder dressing to make a filling for wraps – L’s lunches sorted for a week!! 😀

… that this crisp green lettuce was begging for a photo … !!

It’s so fresh, green and crisp! This went in the wraps too!!

… that I met up with an old friend who was visiting my town this weekend!

We got milkshakes and sat on the cathedral green in the sun – lovely!! Thanks lovely V! 🙂

What has happened in your days recently?


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