Sunsets, chillies and tulip guts

Tulip guts eh? Sound be-ee-ut-iful … right? Hmmm …

Yes! Right!! Take a look at this …

The tulips that I was so kindly given last week, were starting to open up more and more, as they prepared to die … but in doing so, they fully revealed their striking, beautiful center. The proud stamen in the middle, the deep and startling black triangles on every petal, the glorious gold border that melts from deep black to vibrant red – a masterpiece!!

incredibly amazing!!

My laptop got all messed up. For the first time ever in my computer-using-history, I got a virus. I guess that never having seen one before is what made it a real thing. I couldn’t access anything to do with windows – I had to download Firefox every time I wanted to use the internet, and although I could access my photo files, that was basically all!

I am so very grateful that all my files, documents, settings and photos were still there, it was just that the computer had decided that the programs I use to access them didn’t exist anymore … and I still had all my browser personalizations and bookmarks – phew!! Big time! 😀

L and I have a friend from church who is rather a computer genius. He very kindly came out on Wednesday evening and fixed my laptop for me. AHHHHHHHH. I felt lost without a working computer! I have to admit, I depend on my faithful little laptop very much indeed!! 😛

My hubby cooked chilly – I have been doing 100% of the cooking for a long while, because of L having to write up his PHD by the end of June, and because I love it so much, but L is a very good cook too and, when he isn’t completely exhausted from a draining day’s work, enjoys cooking and finds it relaxing – I can’t wait until 2 weeks from now, when he will have handed in his thesis and wants to start sharing the cooking duties!! 😉

G, our friend who fixed my laptop for me, brought a chilli with him, as he has quite a number of chilli plants. It was so cute!!

You can really appreciate its true size and appeal when compared to the fairly standard-sized chilly I chopped, ready for L to add to the pot …

Ok, so I guess that G’s home-grown chilly was more-than-tiny in comparison … but trust me, that little 1/8 inch of chilly made all the difference to that chilli con carne!! 😉

That very same evening, the sunset out of our west-facing windows was beautiful …

the colours were so startling …

the sky screamed “alive” …

colours you’d think would be gaudy if combined in something you paired/designed/coloured …

were perfect in my natural world …

and even when everything is so bad it seems like it could never ever be good again … God is in control, yes – even when we can’t see it – and although what happens in our lives may be miles away from how we ever thought it would turn out … Jesus is the One holding us, guiding u, picking us up when we fall, keeping us going when we haven no energy left, filling us up with His love again and again, even when we forget to ask and  lavishing on us His unmeasurable forgiveness and grace.

Jesus is pretty flipping awesome, isn’t He?!? 😀


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