Notes on three things … maybe more …

All who know me (and a lot of people who I’ve only come into contact with a few times) know that I am obsessed with dots!! Yup, that’s right! OBSESSED WITH DOTS! I love them. They’re brilliant. They’re perfect. They’re complete. In fact, I love them so much I even did a talk about them once, complete with a Powerpoint presentation!! 🙂

Please, if you want to laugh, you have my full permission! You won’t be the first and no doubt not the last either! In fact, when I was giving my talk about dots, one of my fellow church-trainees was laughing so much that I had severe difficulty in controlling my voice!! Thanks Phil! 😀

So I’ve become somewhat notorious for having this unending fascination with all things dotty. I most definitely collect almost anything that has dots on them!! A couple of years ago for my birthday, one of my best friends gave me a teapot and matching cups that had on it – yup, that’s right … multi-coloured dots!

Now that so many people know about my not-so-little-obsession, it’s reaping benefits!! 😛 On Sunday a friend from church gave me this amazing fabric, which she hadn’t used, but know I would love …

How amazingly cool is this fabric?!? Thank you so much Sarah!!! 🙂

Not only does it have dots on it, but its red – my favourite colour! So perfect 😀

Now to decided what to make with it … cushion covers? Mmm, don’t think the hubby would like that much! … curtains? Nah, too much effort 😛 … a bag? That’s quite an appealing idea … tea-towels? I’m not sure if it’s the right kind of fabric … a tablecloth? Wow, only just thought of that – could be really fun!! … ooooh, so many possibilities!! 🙂

What do you suggest I should make out of my wonderful fabric?!?

Tonight I made that Butternut Squash and Couscous dish that I blogged about a couple of months ago. Not even when I made it for the first time did I follow the recipe, but tonight I made some more additions in the form of chickpeas, apricots and whole blanches almonds. These extra ingredients, along with a double-the-size pack of beef mince that I got reduced price today, has made a wonderfully big pan of yumminess to freeze in portions – just what I like to achieve at the end of a satisfying meal! 🙂

The other addition I made to the dish this time around was a spice I discovered a few weeks ago, when I made a proper Moroccan tangine, that L had requested especially for Date Night. I actually followed this recipe properly, as I’d never made one of these before … well, almost … I think I substituted a different cut of meat or something … in my defense, most cuts of lamb are veeeerrrrryyyyy expensive, so beyond my food budget … that’s the excuse I’m sticking too anyway!! 😛

I had to go to a local small Middle Eastern food shop to get hold of this fascinating-sounding spice – Ras Al Hanout. The description I read of it made me particularly excited to obtain it: “… good mixes contain more than 20 different spices, including dried peppers, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, rose buds and lavender, but ras-el-hanout can contain up to 100 spices …” How amazing does that sound?!! (Yes, you may laugh at me again!! 😀 )

It turns out – it’s pretty darn tasty!! So I used it again tonight …

Quite an exotic-sounding name, isn't it? It has the most amazing smell too!!

What new ingredients have you been experimenting with recently?

I noticed an outragious price-difference today – I know there are more and more of these rapidly-increasing-prices right now, but this one in particular struck me as simply ridiculous!!

I use a lot of beans in my cooking – very yummy, very good for you, cheap and a good bulkier. Only the last time I went to buy chickpeas, from my used-to-be-always-shopped-there supermarket Sainsburys, I found out that all of a sudden, they were not all that cheap. They had risen from .52p per tin, (yes, I do buy them ready-cooked, simply because I would NEVER get around to boiling them for hours before I could actually use them in a dish … better to buy the tinned ones then never use them at all!! 😀 ) to £1 a tin!! £1?!?? So today I went into a different supermarket (Tesco)  – one which Sainsburys is always claiming to beat, or at least match,  price-wise – and I could get tinned chickpeas for .47p!! Go take a hike Sainsburys!!!

Nom, nom, nom!!

So my question is this, even though it goes totally against my usual nature to be thinking about this:

Should I make a complaint and point this out to Sainsburys? Should I provide them with the price difference between this item (and a few others!) and ask them – in the light of their promise that they are just cheap, if not cheaper – to lower their price on chickpeas?

Hmm, I’m getting shaky knees just at the idea of doing such a thing …


3 thoughts on “Notes on three things … maybe more …

  1. Glad you like the fabric!

    I have also noticed the price of chickpeas at sainsburys! Whilst looking for some curry leaves I found a tin of chickpeas for 35p (!) – but not with the other chickpeas, that would be easy! It was in the world food section…..

    • Yup, I defeinitely DO like the fabric!! 🙂 My imaginataion/creative streak is working over-time, so stay alert…an update is coming!! 😛

      Ahh yes … the world food section … sadly, as I don’t currently have acess to a car, the Sainsburys in the city-centre – the only one I have walking-distance to – doesn’t have that section! 😦 The prices in the city-centre stores are defnitely more expensive, but sadly, if you don’t have access to the bigger stores, it’s tough! If the price of the bus fare eqluas the difference in price between the near-and-far-away-stores, it’s the near stores that win … I walk most everywhere, long distances, but 45 minutes each way, with heavy shopping, kind of sets the limit!!! 😀 xx

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