Changing seasons – I love them!

I love seeing the seasons change year on year.

I love the way they each come round in turn, again and again.

I love that just as you start to grow complacent about the season you’re living in right now – surprise, the daffodils are coming up/the trees are all green and the sun is hot until past 7pm/the leaves are turning orange and the air has a little nip in it/there is a thick frost on everything, your breath leaves a little cloud in the air and the wind manages to get its chilly fingers through even the thickest of layers.

Autumn (Fall) is a particular favourite of mine. No matter how much I try to be completely unbiased, I have a most definite preference for autumn over all the other seasons of our year. I try to think that it’s not just because my birthday falls in these colourful weeks … (ok, so you don’t have to believe me, but that pun really was accidental!!! 🙂 ).

Every season that comes round I love. Despite my soft spot for autumn, I can never make up my mind which one I enjoy the most and love the arrival of each new turn of the year.

I know that in a number of places in the world, the changing seasons are not so obvious. I know that in a number of places in the world the difference between winter and summer is the difference between sweltering nights and slightly cooler nights, or snow storms and sunshine-on-the-snow.

For me, even though I suffer painfully from the cold in winter and sometimes find the heat a bit overwhelming in summer, I wouldn’t want to be without the glorious, noticeable, beautiful transition from season to season!

I love walking and miss it a lot if I don’t get a good, long walk in every day. I also love taking photos, especially of natural things. The two combined often produces an accidental documentary of the changing seasons.

This came to my notice quite visibly this week, as I took a walk along the same river I’d taken a walk along in January … I walk along this river quite often, but I try to limit the number of times I take photos, because otherwise my poor laptop would be constantly crashing from an overload of image files!! 😛

As I walked along in the May sunshine, taking photos of the same things I had captured back in January, I got so excited about sharing the miraculous differences between the seasons with you – I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did! 😀

In January ...

... in May

In January ...

... in May

In January ...

... in May

Back then ...

... and now

The winter look ...

... the spring look

Back to January ...

... then back to May

And now just for fun, and just because I loved taking these photos so much, here are a few extra May photos (just without the January bit first! 🙂 ) …

These flowers are on a tree and yes, thy stand right up in the air like that! Cool eh?!

As I've said before, I can't resist taking photos of the sun coming through the trees!! 😀

Doesn't this blossom just scream spring-going-into-summer?! 🙂

... and just because I think they're so beautiful, here is another photo of the wisteria!

What are you enjoying about this spring?!


One thought on “Changing seasons – I love them!

  1. That’s so neat – I love the way you have put the photo’s side by side, it’s so exciting to see the difference!! 🙂

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