Two things that rescued my Friday

I had one of those days on Friday where the minute you wake up properly, you just want to crawl right back underneath the covers and stay there for the rest of the day, until you can wake up the next day and start again…

I didn’t do that. Life needed to happen. The day went. My mood didn’t.

Then a little thing happened to make me smile.

I was brought up in a family who doesn’t drink, so I had never really tasted much alcohol before I moved into my first shared house at 22. I guess it’s always held a certain fascination. During our games of balls and fine ladies, my sisters and I drank mugs of apple juice and pretended it was champagne. The first time I watched someone take a cork out of a wine bottle, I couldn’t take my eyes of the process.

Kind of like growing up without tv – a tv in a drs waiting-rooms and electrical stores where your parents were buying a new freezer, held an irresistable magnetism. Something never experienced and “forbidden” could be witnessed and you could see for yourself wy so many people liked it.

I had tv for a while, in some of the houses I shared or lodged in. I got my fill of the novelty. It wore off pretty quickly. Neither my husband or I watched much of it, preferring movies we chose ourselves (and without the annoying adverts! 🙂 ), so we decided not to get a tv licence and enjoy watching films and drama series instead. Yeah, there are some tv programs I really enjoy, but that’s where the magic of iplayer comes in!! 😉

I haven’t, however, grown out of my belief that if the bottle of wine has a cork, instead of a screw-cap, it must be better quality wine. Now I know that’s not really true! I have heard it proved and tasted the evidence for myself, but tere is something in me that refuses to let go of that childish fancy that REAL wine has a cork in the bottle! 🙂

L and I enjoy a bottle of wine together on Date night, a long-standing tradition. Something we enjoy together. I’ve come to know good wine brands from bad wine brands a little better, through bitter experience, but to be honest, I tend towards being a bit of a wine-cheapster! 😛 Anything over £5 is not considered. I know I can find nice wine for less than £5 somewhere.

Yes, I will buy wine which is priced – originally and currently – at £3.65 … if I know it tastes just as good as the price!! 😀 My favourite finds however, the ones I love stumbling across, are the ones that used to be £8 plus and are now on special offer – gotcha! Price and taste perfection!! Now those wines taste like something special.

As dedicated as I am to saving pennies – with food, household goods, everything – and however much of a kick I get out of finding a really good bargain, if there is a reduced bottle of wine with a screw-cap for 50p less than a reduced bottle of wine with a cork … that’s right, the cork-bottle wins every time, never mind the 50p extra! 😛 There’s still a little part of me that remains convinced that wine with a cork in the bottle has to taste better.

So Friday afternoon found me buying food for the weekend and choosing our date-night wine …

Yay! A bottle reduced from 7.99 to 4 … ok, that’s good … ooooh, a bottle reduced from 8.20 to 3.80 … even better! … ahh, a bottle reduced from 7.99 to 3.99 … hmm, so not maybe quite as good as the used-to-be-8.20 … but hang on … yup, this last one has a cork-top!! And you know the absolute clincher on this bargain?!

The label!! 😉 I know, Im such a silly sometimes, but it was all embossed and beautiful and autumn is my favourite season and ... well, it made me smile that afternoon, so that was my final purchase! 😛

Later that afternoon, when L got home from work, there was something much more special that made me smile in an even bigger way … my hubby completely unexpectedly bought me the most gorgeous bunch of flowers!!!

Arent they so beautiful?! 🙂 And L is a complete and utter darling!! 😛

Now that brought a really big smile to my face, and really made me happy!! 😀

And Im still smiling now, every time I see these beauties!


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