I’ll do that tomorrow …

You know those areas that have needed to be sorted out for a while … but you’ve never quite got around to it … that job that you need to do … which somehow is never quite as important as everything you actually do get done that day?!

A past work supervisor of mine called it “eating the frog”. The things you have to do which you really wish you didn’t have to do today – or preferably at all. Kind of like having a frog on your plate.

You know you have to eat it, but you really don’t want to (duh! Who would?!?). You eat everything else on your plate around that frog, all the time knowing you’re going to have to eat it at some point … If you ate the frog first, even though you really didn’t want to, then you could get on and actually enjoy eating the rest of your food, because you then you don’t have the frog hanging over you.

If you do the job you really don’t want to do first, then you can get on with the rest of your day’s activities – and much more productively –  without the knowledge of that dreaded task hanging over you. So when talking about time organization, my supervisor would say – just eat the frog! Nice idea, no?

My kitchen cupboard was one of my frogs (yes, I have many! 😀 ).

The cupboard before I started ...

I have a wonderful kitchen, that I love, don’t get me wrong … I have a tiny little kitchen. Space is a little … limited! I have this big cupboard, one of those ones which has one door and you have to reach round the corner to get to the other half. It needs to hold all my casserole dishes, all my baking tins and mixing bowls, all my storage boxes and freezer boxes, the colander and cheese grater, the salad bowl and serving dishes … you know, that kind of cupboard! 😛

When  this cupboard started out about 7 months ago, it was nice and tidy. Life gets hectic and you don’t always end up stacking things back in the cupboard the way they came out … you get tired of having to pull out two stacks of dishes before you can get to the ones you want … sometimes clipping the lids back on the plastic boxes is just too much to ask … so it got kind of … a mess!! Of course, it took much longer to root around through the lids, grater and baking tins to find the casserole dish that was in there somewhere, then it did to lift out the stacks to get to where I knew the casserole dish was, but hey, did that change anything?! 😛

Monday I looked at that cupboard and knew I needed to sort it out. It was getting to both me and the hubby. “I’ll do that tomorrow.” Uh huh. I’ve said that before …

The contents of the cupboard ...

Tuesday afternoon I realised, “oh yeah, today is the tomorrow I talked about yesterday …”

I did it! I ate the frog!! 😀

I cleaned the floor and hauled everything out of the cupboard … cleaned the cupboard …

On a side note, I bought anti-bacterial cleaner that was on special offer and it happened to be Fresh Apple scented, which I thought might be a nice change from the usual chemical smell. Well, actually, it is … and you get a strong whiff of Fresh Apple Scent every time you open the door!! 😛

The task of putting it all back in again in an organized fashion was a little more daunting, but after moving a few little-used items to

... and the cupboard I had to put them all away in!

the top of the fridge, deciding to put out the wok with the burnt bottom which never gets used and eliminating one of two digital meat thermometers that I’ve been given over the years, and neither of which I’ve used 😉 , the rest slot into the cupboard in a surprisingly short space of time. Phew!

Frog eaten – yay!

Now of course, the challenge is to keep it tidy! 😉

And move on to the next frog …

The broken chest of drawers?

Sorting through my clothes and giving away what I don’t want anymore?

Hanging up some more pictures on the walls?

Working on sorting out some more of the study?

At least we can all comfort (?) ourselves with this truth – never matter how many frogs we eat, we can be sure that there will always be another frog to eat!! 😀

How on earth am I meant to manage that feat?!?

It did all fit in after all!


2 thoughts on “I’ll do that tomorrow …

  1. I recognise that saying….. from a certain Mr C Hughes perhaps?!

    I sorted my kitchen cupboards a few weeks ago (it’s amazing what “urgent” jobs crop up when an essay is due…!) and it was brilliant. Wee tip for your tupperware – may store/stack easier if you stack all the boxes together and keep the lids in a basket/box nearby.

    I’m very impressed! x

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