Cookie Fun!

Yesterday afternoon my friend R and I took a fun – and yummy! – trip back to childhood!

We spent about 3 or so hours mixing cookie dough, bashing with a rolling-pin, wielding cookie-cutters, waiting impatiently for the cookies to bake, getting icing-sugar all over the place, making way too much chocolate icing, licking our fingers, sprinkling sprinkles, eating the Smartie decorations (I claim you can’t make good cookies unless you eat some of the decorations in-process!! 🙂 ) and then admiring our cooling rack of delectable looking cookies! Oh yes, and maybe eating a cookie or two along the way … !! 😛

It was SO MUCH FUN!!! 😀

Stamping out cookies should be used as therapy! 😛

The cookie-cutters in action!

Hurry up and cool!!

Gooey icing - yum!

Sprinkling the all-important sprinkles!! 🙂

From the last bit of dough, we each made our own cookie shape - I made a house ...

... and R made a hand! 🙂

We were very pleased with our cookies!! Don't they look yummy?!? 😀

We had a hard time not tucking in right away ... ok, so maybe we checked to make sure they weren't poisoned ... !! 😛


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