Feeling Artistic …

I love doing all kinds of crafty stuff – making cards, sewing, scrapbooking, drawing, patchwork, knitting, making little presents … you get the idea!

I also love colour and coming up with different colour and pattern combinations and being a little daring (green and purple anyone?!), as well as sticking to my well-worn favourites (red, orange, yellow and brown is a colour combination I love!).

Combine these two things I love doing, and you have what I find to be one of my most relaxing activities. Settle me down in the evening with a good film, a huge pile of wrapping paper, scraps, card and some scissors, glue and coloured pens, and you’ll have a happy girl on your hands! 🙂

I’ve been doing quite a bit of crafty stuff recently and here are a couple of the things I’ve made:

A birthday card for L’s Grandma. I cut up an old birthday card and re-made it! 🙂

A birthday card I've made for our neice, using wrapping paper - I do like Winnie the Pooh!! 😀

Ok, so this one isn’t a craft exactly, but I love the way all these different colours go together!! 😛

What is your favourite craft?

What is your favourite thing to do to relax in the evening?


2 thoughts on “Feeling Artistic …

  1. And you ALSO made some beautiful invitations recently … 🙂

    You’re so creative – it makes me happy to see what you’ve been creating! 🙂

    MY favourite crafty thing at the moment is knitting. (Obviously – and I know it’s not a crafty thing anyway! – not blog reading and commenting … for which I’m sorry!) I’m making a pair of socks at the moment and then I’m planning to make a(nother) elf hat! Knitting make me happy … the feel of the wool and the needles, the rhythm of the knitting and purling, the creation of something simple, but lovely. Anyway … obviously I’m a fan of (simple – and ONLY simple!) knitting! 🙂

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