Makings for a Perfect Afternoon

Sea, sun, no winter coat and lots of sand … oh yes, and my camera! 😉


I love that first glimpse of the sea!
I loved the shadows and the shape in this
Imagine the feeling of stepping on the hot, grainy sand with bare feet, and sinking down into the cool sand beneath the surface … Oooooh! Shivers!!
Don’t these beach houses look fun?! Two of them were open and were being enjoyed by their owners, who were sitting in front of them reading in the sun – bliss!
A dad was flying this kite with his two toddlers, although the little girl seemed more interested in the sand between her toes then this smiley kite in the sky! 🙂
I love shells on the beach and no, of course I didn’t bring ANY shells home with me … cough cough … 😛
Don’t you love the way beaches curve round like that as they meet the sea, and never go in an absolutely straight line?

… and yes, it is ME saying that I actually like something that doesn’t go in a straight line!!! But don’t spread it around, just incase it becomes known, ok?! 😉

I love the way this picture looked at this angle

What words would add to the beauty of this?!

Oozey, wet, warm sand between your toes ...

One of my favourite bits of the beach to photograph - where sand meets sea. I never get tired of watching the waves lapping up and down over the sand!

This paw-print was massive! Don't know why I had to get a photo of this! 😛

*Deep sigh of contentment*

Have you got to go on a spring walk and not had to wear your winter coat yet?! I love the-first-time-this-spring when that happens – yummy!!! 😀


One thought on “Makings for a Perfect Afternoon

  1. I love those first days in spring, where the temperature is warm and the wind light ( although funnily enough G despises those types of days, no good for windsurfing!). Makes me hopeful that the days of blazing sun are just around the corner.

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