Where did that come from?!

Left or right?!

Do you ever suddenly become aware of a weird habit you have? Or maybe it’s just a little thing you stick to in very specific settings?

I’ve known since I was much younger that I have many of these – some of which I have thankfully lost over the years! – but sometimes new ones will sneak up behind me and take me by surprise when I’m not expecting it! Where do they come from? When did it first start and why? If I didn’t take a conscious decision to start this ritual, then what was the reason it happened?

Take this one: I’m eating some Smarties as I check out the latest in my little blog world and realised that I never eat the blue ones! Nope, they get put straight back in the tube! Why?!

Yesterday evening I was eating out with friends to celebrate one of their birthdays and was chatting with H. She won’t wear the same colour clothing two days in a row, because … ?

Another of mine is to do with drinks. I always make the morning coffee for me and my hubby and his mug goes on the left, mine on the right. If he makes a cup of tea when he gets back from work and asks which one I’d like, it has to be the mug that’s on the right!

An obvious and much more common one is which side of the bed couples sleep on, or which side you lie on to go to sleep – why does it matter?

If I’m walking down the street with L, my right hand holds his left, the other way around and it just “feels wrong”. Other couples have told me that they have a “right” and “wrong” side  for holding hands too!

I always sit at the same place at the kitchen table … always squeeze out the toothpaste with my left hand … always lock the bottom lock on the front door before the top one … have a particular order that I open different internet sites on tabs in my browser …

Some of these things – the toothpaste, for instance – are to do with being left or right-handed, but the others?

I love observing these things in myself and others. It never fails to fascinate me! I have been known, when exceptionally bored on a journey maybe, to think up a couple of different reasons why someone might have a particular habit or ritual … hmm, a little strange maybe! 😉

What habits/rituals have you noticed about yourself? Do you know why they first started?


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