People + Home = Happy Me!

Yesterday evening there were 17 people squished into out little living room, all the way round the corner and I was nearly sitting in the kitchen!! Phew! February or not, we had to open the window to breath – all those people create a whole lot of heat!

Last night it was L’s and my turn to host homegroup in our house. Our house group is currently unusually large – 29 people if everyone was to turn up (which thankfully didn’t happen last night! With all due respect to the lovely people of course …!!). The usual number for homegroups in our church are between 12-15, which makes it possible for close fellowship and support to take place and gives everyone the opportunity to have prayer every week. With group of our size we’d be there for hours if we did that!

Even though it was quite a squash, with one person sitting on the floor and me sitting nearly in the kitchen, it was wonderful to be able to welcome that number of people into our home and have the opportunity to work together to make them feel comfortable and glad to be there. L and I both love being hospitable and it was one of the things we very quickly discovered we had in common. We have talked many times, over the course of our relationship, about how we want our home to always be open to others, be a place that our friends love coming to and a place where everyone feels welcome and at home. I love seeing our friends helping themselves to a glass or another drink, just because they know where they’re kept and they feel at home enough to do that!

I so enjoy those 20 minutes after the last person has gone late in the evening, and you collapse on the sofa, absolutely exhausted – not only enjoying the wonderful silence and stillness after all the noise, but knowing that it was preceded by wonderful chatter and laughter and people moving around as they enjoy themselves! The calm wouldn’t be any fun if the bustle hadn’t come first!

I love people. I love my home. I love people in my home.


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