A peek through my front door …

I was sitting in “my corner” of my little flat, studying and drinking a lovely cup of tea and enjoying having my own home to “make homey” and to make my own. I thought I’d share some of the things I love in my home! In his wedding speech, my husband said that our home was going to look like a rainbow bomb had hit it, because I love colour and fun things so much – he was just about right! 🙂

"My Corner"


The Space collage I created in our hall


I've wanted fridge letters for so long!

My bath mat!

I love my bookshelf - and there's one more shelf hidding at the bottom, one on the other wall and one by my bed ...

The bunting from our wedding reception is now pinned around our living room

A colourful spot on the end of my kitchen table

I adore all things dotty and my husband can't get away from them, even when eating a meal!

My tea and coffee shelves

The cookie jar – it used to moo when you lifted the lid, but the moo broke! 😦
These photos I took are by the sofa
This sun-catcher my sisters gave me hangs in the living room window
Talking about dots … even the bedsheets can’t get away, although my husband did choose the colour! 🙂
I hope you’ve enjoyed the peek into my home! 🙂
What are the themes running through your rooms/houses?

2 thoughts on “A peek through my front door …

  1. Yeah … I think THE THING I remember from LL’s speech is that he said a rainbow had exploded in his life. I thought that was so sweet!!! Your home is VERY colourful and cheerful – it’s a good reflection of your lovely personality! 🙂

    As for colour … I’m stil living in a BRIGHT PINK bedroom and dreaming of a home of natural wood features and palest cream / yellow / gold paint! 🙂

  2. I’m not sure *what* sort of theme our home has. We’ve moved so much and I haven’t had time to exactly make any themes.

    I dream of wood floors, and clean and simple furniture with a bit of an American Western flare. Maybe because my husband and I both love horses, and that sort of rustic touch. We did, after all, make it a part of our wedding, and it was perfect for us. 🙂

    Right now our bedroom is in creams and chocolate browns and probably the most put together room of our house. The office/guest room inadvertently has a blue-ish and creamy/tan theme going, and our rental house is full of yellow (not by our choosing, but still) in the kitchen and bathrooms and it clashes terribly with my dishes, but I try to make up for it by hiding those away and leaving only the white things out.

    Someday, though, I think I’ll dream up a more coordinated style and it’ll be fun to decorate our little house. Maybe I’ll create a tour like this when and if I ever manage to do it!

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